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scientific storage of raw materials with steel silos

The cost of raw materials of the feed account for about 90% of the total production cost, so we should highly value the physiological changes, influential factors and storage methods of the raw materials. It is very important for us to ensure the quality and the safety of the feed. In order to do so, not only should we pay attention to the optimization for feed formulation and the improvement of the production process, but also the storage method for the feed.

Currently, it is a more scientific way to store feed with steel silos, who can reduce the loss of feed. More importantly, using steel silos can also prevent the feed from mildew and losing nutrient, thereby increasing the value of the enterprise and the economic benefits from feed utilization.
The Scientific Storage of Steel Silo for the Raw Material of the Feed
Next, we will give a brief introduction about the scientific storage of the raw material of the feed with steel silos.

I. Problems we need to notice in steel silo storage

The raw materials of the feed can be easily affected by temperature and humidity , and this may cause the materials to be oxidized, rusted, mildewed, or chewed by pests. To avoid these potential damage, we need to pay attention to the problems down below.

1. Temperature and pests problem

Pests can not only chew the materials, but also increase the temperature and the humidity. Most pests are very sensitive to the change of the temperature, the most suitable temperature for their breeding is 29℃, if the temperature is below 15.5℃ or above 41℃, their reproduction will be at a very slow rate or even stopped. As we know, the life cycle of pests is around 30 days, and their breeding speed can be very fast under suitable circumstances, so we must eliminate them immediately once they have been found.

2. Humidity

As the humidity rises, the materials become easier to mold, which would cause the temperature and the humidity in the silo to rise. It is the best to control the humidity degree in the silo below 65%.

3. Light

The light can also affect the raw materials of the feed. Long time illumination would cause lipid oxidation, protein denaturation and fat soluble vitamin destruction of the raw materials, and decrease their nutritional value.

4. Oxygen

The oxygen in the air can oxidize fats, affect the biological value of proteins and destroy certain vitamins. This will not only reduce the nutrients, but also the palatability.

5. Microorganisms

Molds, bacteria and yeasts could rapidly reproduce due to the environmental changes. Their existence would certainly reduce the availability of raw materials and generate toxin even.

6. Storage equipment

The management, insulation effects and storage period can affect the quality of the raw materials of the feed. The management includes pest control, ventilation, reverse silo, the rule of first in first out, etc.

II. The key points of storing the raw materials of the feed with steel silos

1. Water content control

The sudden increase of the storage temperature will cause the raw materials to rot. This is the main reason of the mildew. The high temperature and high humidity could not only produce the hydrolase activity of lipase, amylase, protease, etc. and accelerate the decomposition speed of the nutrients, but also speed up microbial growth and reproduction of pests and other harmful organisms and then produce large amount of heat, resulting in the mildew. The relative humidity of the air is below 70% at normal temperatures, and water content of the material should not exceed 12.5%. If the ambient temperature is controlled at below 15℃, the relative humidity should be below 80%. Then the raw material of the feed in steel silo can be stored for a longer time.

2. Mildew resistance and sterilization

We should try our best to avoid the mildew of the materials of the feed during the process of storage, transportation, sale and use. Molds can consume and decompose many nutrients in the materials, which would certainly cause their quality to drop and their value to lose. It also causes the diarrhea, enteritis and even death of livestock and poultry. Therefore, we must pay great attention to the mildew. It has been proved that, in addition to improve the storage environment, we can use both physical and chemical methods to extend the storage life of the materials.

3. Storage in steel silos

The steel silos can be used to solve the difficult problems of the raw materials of the feed. We can keep the materials being stored safely for a longer time by using the steel silos. The users can also improve the storage quality and reduce their losses. Now the steel silos have been widely used and have brought convenience to many companies.

Usually, when the raw materials are stored in a silo, the temperature could be immensely varied between day and night. Because of water evaporation and vapor condensation, the materials near the steel silo wall are of high water content. So the improper use of steel silos and the long-term storage of raw materials are easy to make the materials mildew. So the management of the raw materials in the silos has to be strengthened and the full ventilation inside the silos be guaranteed to ensure the safe storage of the raw material.

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