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We are a leading professional manufacturer of superior-quality steel silos, which have many outstanding strength and durable features. Our steel silos are mainly used to store cement, grain, chemicals, powders like mineral powder and fly ash, and also used for waste water treatment.

Steel Silo

Flyer’s steel silos have many outstanding strength and durable advantages. The silos are made of superior quality steels with latest advanced technology. Flyer steel silos mainly include the followings:

Flyer cement silo can be used for any concrete production operation. The cement silo has solid structure and strong resistance to corrosion, stores the product in bulk safely and keeps the cost to the minimum. Read More >>
Flyer chemicals storage silo deserves your first choice for dry bulk chemical applications. It has been widely used to store carbon black, activated carbon, sodium carbonate and soda ash, etc. Read More >>
Industrial powder storage silo can store a wide range of industrial powders, such as: fly ash, mineral powders and ground slag, etc. The silo ensures smooth flow of powders stored inside. Read More >>
Flyer grain silos are designed to store all kinds of grains and withstand the loads associated with heavy throughput. They are widely used on farms and in oil and flour production lines to store grain crops. Read More >>
Wastewater treatment storage tank has pretty good sealing and can be used to store sewage and biogas, which can be widely applied to other industries, such as light industry, water treatment and environmental protection. Read More >>

We successfully established many projects, in which steel silos are used variously in different fields

Mineral Powder and Cobble Steel Silo Project
Mineral Powder and Cobble Steel Silo Project
11 Jan, 2017

Flyer has successfully established many steel silo projects. Here are the details of the storage silo projects for mineral powder and cobble....

grain silo project
grain silo project
21 Jan, 2016

Grain silo system, containing several grain bins, is usually set up in flour and oil milling plants. Small grain silo is also widely used at home or on farm....

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