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AGICO Steel Silo Unique details

AGICO has made great progress in the details of its storage silos to ensure their convenience in use. The following are some of these detailed advantages:

flyer steel silo details

1. Silo Roof Inside

The painted components inside the roof can prevent condensing and extend service life of the silo.

2. Roof Air Vent

When the air vent is activated, the air will be pushed through the output and transferred outside.

3. Silo Body Galvanized Coils

Hot rolled double side galvanized coils with 275g/m³ zinc from Handan Iron and Steel Company.

4. Steel Channel

High strength steel channels are used as internal stiffeners. The distance between two stiffeners is less than 1m.

5. Rest Platform

It is designed for getting inside the silo, it also furthers the operation with the silo gate.

6. Roof Ladder Handrail

It provides convenience for workers’ operation and ensures their safety.

7. Silo Clamping Apparatus

It can keep the silo free from the impact of outside temperature, and can prevent the silo from splitting in the welding process.

8. Lipp Construction Technology

It can provide great sealing effect and has a long service life.

9. Ladder System

It is built alongside the frame of the silo body.

10. Silo Gate

Hot rolled galvanized coil granted it great performance in sealing and anticorrosion.
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