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The Construction Process And Characteristics Of Cement Spiral Steel Silo

In current cement steel silo manufacturing process, the spiral steel silo is mainly built with the advanced equipment and technology imported from Germany. This kind of silo adopts 495mm wide coiling plate and is synthesized at one time by multi-station of uncoiler, forming machine, bending machine, bracket and other equipment. There are many spiral convex bars with 5 times the thickness of the material formed outside the silo wall during the rolling process, which greatly enhances the bearing capacity of the silo body and the overall strength and stiffness. Moreover, because the silo body is constructed by special equipment, its sealing performance is excellent. It is widely used in cement plant, wharf, concrete mixing station and other places for the storage of raw materials such as water, clinker, slag, fly ash and pulverized coal.

The construction method of spiral steel silo is very unique: firstly, the 495mm wide coiling plate will be fed into the forming machine to get the required shape. Then the plate will go through the process of bending and seaming, forming a continuous spiral convex bar with a width of 30-40 mm around the outside of the silo. As we mentioned before, the convex bar plays a role in strengthening silo strength in structure. In addition, if there are two kinds of different materials, the equipment we adopt can also realize double bending at the same time.

The Construction Process of Cement Spiral Steel Silo

The cement spiral steel silo consists of steel silo body, silo top, silo top guardrail, corridor, ladder, manhole door, stiffening ribs on the inner wall, etc. The steel silo body is spirally rolled by a set of mechanical equipment on the spot. And the other auxiliary works are installed by hoisting equipment.

When the silo body is rolled up to a certain height, the builder will begin to install the top of the silo, the silo top guardrails, corridor and ladders. With the continuous rolling, the silo seam gradually spirals up, in order to ensure the overall stability, we need to install stiffening ribs on the silo wall step by step. Then open the manhole door and weld the silo wall, stiffening rib and the embedded parts. So far, the construction of spiral steel silo has been completed. If it is necessary to combine several steel silos, it only needs to connect the corridors of each silo one by one in the construction process.

In general, the construction process of spiral steel silo can be briefly described as follows: (1) positioning: we should position the silo according to its diameter. (2) Coiling: after positioning, we need to coil the silo up to about 2m. (3) Installing the silo top: using plasma cutting machine or electric welding to cut the horizontal line and then install the silo top. (4) Lifting: raising the silo to the required height. (5)Lay down the silo: we should pull out the equipment, complete the lay down of silo and connect the silo body with the embedded parts. (6) Installing corridors and ancillary facilities: we need to install them according to the user's choice.

The Characteristic of Cement Spiral Steel Silo

Compared with other types of steel silos, cement spiral steel silos have the following characteristics

  • The overall performance is good. In the process of construction, the spiral steel silo is constructed entirely by special equipment. And the spiral convex bar formed on the outer wall of the silo greatly enhances its bearing capacity and makes its overall strength, stability and seismic resistance superior to other types of silos.
  • The spiral steel silo uses materials with strong anti-corrosion performance, which makes its service life longer than other silos. And because the steel silo uses special equipment for bending and sealing, it can ensure the quality of any part of the silo in technology. In addition, the sealing of the silo is particular good. It can store different kinds of powder materials such as cement, fly ash, slag, superfine powder and so on, being widely used in building materials industry (such as cement plant, power plant, grinding station).
  • The spiral steel silo covers a small area and is easy to manage. Unlike other steel silos, the height and diameter of spiral steel silo can be chosen arbitrarily in a wide range. The minimum distance between two silos can reach 500 mm, which makes full use of space and reduces the area occupied. Moreover, the construction automation of spiral steel silo is high. We mount the temperature measurement device, material level indicator and other equipment on silo so that users’ management will be very convenient.
  •  The spiral steel silo adopts on-site construction. During the construction, the scaffolding and other auxiliary facilities are not required. In addition, its bending speed can reach 5 m. min - 1, therefore the construction period of the spiral steel silo is very short. The whole spiral
    steel silo is made of the thin steel plate. Its weight is only equal to the rebar of the reinforced concrete silo of the same capacity, which greatly reduces the cost. Beyond that, because the professional equipment can bend two different materials inside and outside the silo body by double-layer bending method at the same time, it greatly reduces the engineering cost of storing corrosive materials in the chemical industry, environmental protection and other industries.
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