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Flyer Steel Silo Production Safety Ceremony is Beginning on June 7, 2017

Since established, Flyer steel silo has construction a great many steel silo projects at home and abroad. In the process of engineering construction, production safety is the most important thing everyone should pay attention to. 

In order to strengthen our staffs’ awareness of production safety, Flyer steel silo’s production safety ceremony has been launched on June 7pm, 2017. The meeting is held in the conference room on the second floor of the office building at Anyang Flyer Steel Silo Co., Ltd.

Flyer steel silo safety production meeting

There are two themes of this meeting, one is to launch the safety production month, the other theme is annual production safety education training in 2017.

From the leadership to the workers, every one attaches great importance to security issues, we all expressed our own viewpoints during the meeting. Next are the main points we have concluded.
  • Everyone must pay attention to safety. During working hours, we not only should pay attention to our own security, but also others and a variety of potential safety hazard. 
  • Everything should be considered if any security issues exist. Don’t be careless because you are skilled. 
  • Every time pay attention to safety. Don’t speed up, operate against rules or ignore security when nearing complete. 
  • Everywhere must be paid attention to. Workers must take safety helmet, improve safety awareness. 
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