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Problems that Cannot be Ignored in the Construction and Use of Steel Silos

In the process of construction and use of steel silos, there are some points that need people's attention. If these points are ignored, safety accidents such as collapse of steel silos may occur.

steel silo problems

Anti-Corrosion and Moisture-Proof Problems

As a kind of the enclosed storage equipment, steel silo is widely used for storing bulk materials such as grain, cement, fly ash and others that are easily influenced by rain and moisture. Steel silo has the rain-proof, moisture-proof and convenient characteristics. Silo body is equipped with a level system (Showing the location and amount of material) and a hole-breaking device (Removing the compaction material due to being deposited for too long). With screw conveying pump, steel silo can be used to convey materials to various locations. It is easy to install, safe and reliable. Steel silo is a good choice if you want to choose the bulk storage equipment, and its advantages attract many users.

As a professional steel silo construction manufacturer, Flyer steel silo reminds our users that although our steel silo is rain-proof and moisture-proof, some attention points here must be valued during the purchase and use process. Specifically, the Flyer will give you the following simple analysis:

Most of the materials in the steel silo are steel plates. Because they are often exposed to the air, they are definitely easy to corrode. Therefore, it is necessary to check the anti-corrosion work of steel silo, especially to check the anti-corrosion work on the surface of steel silo, to see if the paint is in good condition and thickness and the smoothness is qualified or not.

The welding of steel silo is also very important. It is necessary to check whether the welding meets the requirements and it is firm and in good condition or not. During the use, we shall remember to check whether the top of the steel silo is well sealed. Especially for cement silos, it should be noted that once water enters the cement, it will cause unnecessary trouble.

At the same time, it is necessary to check whether silo side is sealed. This is also the place that users often ignore. They have thought that if silo top is sealed, that will be ok. But it is the wrong view. So we should be sure to pay attention in the future!


The Impact of Thermal Expansion and Contraction on the Steel Silo and Related Solutions

It is well known for us that the physical principle of thermal expansion and contraction is crucial problem. Similarly, steel silo will also appear to be inflated and contracted. Especially in the winter, steel silo will have some cold and brittle phenomenon. If these are serious, they will even affect normal use of steel plates. Flyer Company has engaged in construction of steel silo for several decades, it has fully solved these problems!

Well, since the low temperature and cold brittleness of steel silo will affect its use, how can we avoid or minimize the impacts? Next, we will give you some advice!

1. First of all, we should pay attention to material selection. Starting from the fundamental viewpoint, we should pay attention to the following points as selecting materials: the importance of construction, the temperature conditions and process conditions for manufacturing, processing and installation. Sometimes it depends on factors such as thickness and structure of selected steel plates.

What are the specific performances? For example, we need to be careful about the stress concentration caused by structural form and processing technology, which may cause local deformation.

In addition, we should try to avoid using thinner steel plates, which will also have a direct impact on the deformation of steel silo.

2. Secondly, we should pay attention to the improvement of processing technology and installation technology during production.

When we are processing the materials, we all need to find professional construction personnel to carry out the construction operation. For example, we all know that the steel plates are easily deformed during cold working. Therefore, it is not allowed to excessively harden and crack the steel plates during the processing of steel silo, avoiding the defects.

Of course, these are main solutions to avoid the deformation of t steel silo due to thermal expansion and contraction.

The Stability of Steel Silo

It is well known for us that the deeper the foundation is, the more stable the silo is. A simple example, when a wind blows, a bigger tree is much more stable than a smaller tree. This is because the roots of the bigger tree are deeper. Therefore, it will be more stable. Similarly, if steel silo is to withstand the force of wind blow, it must have a deep foundation!

Anyang Flyer Company has strict requirements on the foundation construction of large steel silos. We have deeply known that this is an important factor to ensure the normal use of steel silos and avoid late safety accidents!

Under normal circumstances, natural foundation contains more and more impurities, such as sand, stones, soil, sundries, silt, etc., their compositions are different, so it will definitely lead to different bearing capacity. If the bearing capacities are different, the steel silos may collapse or tilt. The safety hazards will be hardly avoided. So at this time, we must stabilize the foundation of steel silo!

The building treatment method of small steel silo foundation is the piling! What is the piling?

Piling can be divided into two types: Cast-in-place pile and Pre-fabricated pile. Cast-in-place piles are poured into the holes of the excavated foundations until the solidification! The pre-fabricated piles will be prefabricated directly in the factory. They are made of wood, steel, or reinforced concrete. And then the piles will be mechanically driven into the soil by means of hammering, vibration and static pressure.

FLYER Company has rich experience in design and construction of modern large spiral steel silo. We can effectively solve complex problems about silo construction and use. If you have any problems or requirements, please contact with us freely. We will provide you with relevant specified information and help you to solve them. Expect to set up sincerely friendship with you!

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