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Preparations for Steel Silos Before They Are Put into Use

Because of the fast construction speed and low manpower demand, the steel silos are favored in various related industries. However, there are many preparation work to be done before a steel silo is put into use that many people don not know.

Preparations of Auxiliary Equipment

In the late stage of the steel silo construction process, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, automatic control systems, inspection devices, monitoring devices, etc. must be installed, tested and commissioned before the steel silo is used. If problems are found, they must be processed in time.

Mechanical equipment includes: belt conveyor, air cushion belt conveyor, buried scraper conveyor, bucket lifter, warehouse bottom auger, clearance scraper, loading machine, packing machine, belt conveyor, scraper, etc.; weighing machinery Including the middle ground, truck scales, track scales, mechanical scales, electronic scales, etc.; cleaning machines include self-balance vibrating screens, plane rotating screens, squirrel cage screens, cone screens, grading screens, magnetic separators, etc.; ventilation machinery including ventilation dust removal , mechanical ventilation, pneumatic conveying, cleaning equipment, etc.; storage equipment includes samplers, injectors, and fumigation devices. After the installation of these technical machinery is completed, the steel silo can carry out the test work of loading, unloading, transportation, cleaning, weighing, and other tasks.

When testing these equipment, you need to pay attention to:
  • 1. Check whether all the electrical appliances are working properly;
  • 2. Turn on the air compressor and hoist to check if they can run smoothly.
  • 3. Set the control unit to automatic mode, and set the operation time of each zone to 10minutes.
  • 4. Open the booster ball valve on the delivery line.
  • 5. Open the manual bleed valve, then the discharge fan. After the equipment is running normally, close the manual bleed valve. Then observe the pipe wind pressure and adjust the frequency of the inverter transmission.
  • 6. Observe whether the discharge is normal. If there is any abnormality, it should be dealt with in time.
  • 7. Stop sequence: turn off the Roots blower to cease the discharging process; turn off the automatic control unit; empty the material in the discharge pipe; turn off the bucket elevator and the air compressor.

Personnel Training and Inspection Record Work Before Use

The steel silo should be checked for safety before use. The warehouse roof should be inspected for leaks, and the walls and floors for cracks. And we should check whether the auxiliary facilities such as escalators are intact.

We should also check whether the anti-rust paint of the steel silo is peeled off, whether the bolts and gaskets are loose, whether there is any abnormality in the joints connected with the civil works, and whether there is any settlement on the ground. Any problem must be effectively solved.

Before using the steel silo, the user should be trained in relevant operational techniques to familiarize them with the relevant technical skills and safe use. When customers are going to operate the steel silo for the first time, we can give guidance on site.
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