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The Feeding and Discharging Process of Steel Silo

I. Material feeding and discharging of steel silo

Most of the steel silo and steel silo group adopt PLC system to realize automatic control of feed and discharge by analog screen display. The automation the feeding and discharging process is relatively high, and the production efficiency and storage management level are improved. Today, the process usually adopts air force transportation. The feeding is mostly designed inlet from an air driven pipe in the center of the silo roof, guaranteed the stored material is even in the silo. The design of discharging process is mostly combined with air flow and self eight flow, to match the basic form of the silo bottom and the separation in the outlet. This section currently has the following modes: (1) Single outlets for single corridors; (2) Multiple outlets for single corridors; (3) Multiple outlets for multiple corridors; (4) Multiple outlets for three corridors. In addition, according to the diameter of the steel silo and landing mode, it can also be classified as: full steel cone bucket discharge mode, semi-steel cone bucket discharge mode, flat bottom tank multi-point discharge mode, flat bottom sweep warehouse discharge mode. Feeding and Discharging of steel silo

1. Material Feed

Select the silo number that the material needs to feed. After closing the corresponding silo bottom gate and silo wall entry door, open the silo top gate activate open the feeding equipment. The material should be fed into the silo from the central feed hole vertically, or it would make the silo unbalanced and wear out the silo wall. The maximum height of the charge is when the material arrives at the upper level of the silo to alarm. No material level must be manually recorded, and the height of the contact portion between the material and the bin should be slightly lower than the upper edge of the straight can. (200mm is appropriate).

2. Material Discharge

When discharging, you must first open the under-silo conveyor and then open the under-silo gate. We need to determine the opening amount of manual plug-in valve under the steel silo according to the size of the delivery volume of the steel silo. If the opening amount of the manual plug-in valve is too large, it may block the transportation equipment(the conveyor) under the steel silo. If the steel silo is designed to discharge more than one discharge port at the same time, the auxiliary discharge ports must be opened on the premise that the discharge port in the center of the silo is completely emptied, and the discharging ports on two opposite sides of the edge must be opened first, and then gradually to the center of the silo to basically ensure that the flow at the two discharge ports is approximately the same. When there is a clearance machine when discharging, the clearance machine must be opened after all the discharge ports in the silo are emptied. When manually entering the warehouse to assist the discharging of the clearance machine, the operator must stand behind the clearance machine and fasten a safe belt. At the same time, there must be someone outside the silo to guarantee his safety. When there is material agglomerate, the clearance machine should not be used. Only after the agglomerate is processed, can it continue to use the clearance machine to discharge the material.

II. What issues need to pay attention to in the process of feeding and discharging?

1. In the process of feeding

During the feeding process, the top vent must be opened to minimize the dust concentration in the steel silo (only when the silo is storing grain). Cement silos must open the silo top dust collector when feeding. During the feeding process, no one is allowed to enter the steel silo. If it is necessary, feed must be stopped first, and the concentration of dust in the steel silo must be reduced to the allowable range before people can enter. After the charge is complete, the feed gate on the silo should be closed.

2. In the process of discharging

During the discharging process, the top vent must be opened. After the materials are emptied, the workers should go inside the steel silo to carefully clean up the warehouse for the next use. In particular, after the first discharge of a new steel silo, the silo must be emptied.
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