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Soybean Storage in Steel Silos

Soybean is a very important crop for human. It can be used as cooking material, oil extraction material, animal feed, and so on.

In the processing of soybean, soybean storage is a very important link. Good storage can maintain the soybean's quality, whcih leads to high quality final products.

There are many methods for soybean storage. The best and most efficient way, is to store soybean in steel silos.

soybean storage

Storage Characteristics of Soybean

Soybean has smooth seed coat and hard seed, so its insect resistence and mildew resistence is very strong. But the damaged soybean is easy to deteriorate. Soybean seeds contain abundant protein and fat, which are easy to absorb moisture when the air humidity is high. Under the influence of high temperature in summer, it is easy to change color and taste, and even oil-soaked phenomenon may occur seriously. At the same time, high temperature and high humidity can easily reduce the germination percentage of soybean.

When the relative humidity is below 70%, the hygroscopicity of soybean is weaker than that of corn and wheat, but when the relative humidity is 90%, the equilibrium moisture of soybean is greater than that of corn and wheat. Therefore, during the storage of soybeans, we must do a good job on moisture-proof.

When the moisture content of soybean is more than 13%, with the increase of temperature, first the soybean grains will soften, then the color of the two cotyledons near the embryo will turn red. After that, the red inside the bean seed will deepen and expand gradually, commonly known as "red change". In severe cases, cotyledons are transparent and have oil and peel.

Soybean Storage Methods

To store soybeans safely in steel silos, we must pay attention to following instructions.

Adequate drying:

After threshing, the soybean should be arranged to heat to reduce itsr moisture content. For long-term storage, the soybean's moisture content should not exceed 12.5%, if the moisture content exceeds this standard, the soybean is easy to mildew.

Timely ventilation:

Soybean with vigorous respiration will accumulate excessive moisture and heat in the grain heap due to the uneven water content among the newly stored grains and the Post-ripening effect of soybean. If the temperature is falling, it is easy to produce condensation. Therefore, the soybean should be ventilated in time, dissipate moisture and heat in order to enhance the storage tolerance of soybean.

Low temperature airtight:

In winter, store the soybean in a low temperature and airtight environment, can not only isolate the influence of external temperature and humidity and pest infection, but also prevent oil soaking and red change, and is conducive to maintaining the quality of soybean.

Flyer Grain Silo

Anyang Flyer Steel Silo Engineering Co., Ltd provides high quality grain silos for soybean storage. Our silos are manufactured by galvanized steel plate, thus they are vey air tight and durable. With electronic temperature controlling system and ventillation system, they can match every requirements for soybean storage.

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