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What Material Do We Use to Build Steel Silos

What is galvanized coiled plate?

Galvanized coiled plate refers to the surface coated with a layer of zinc steel coil. Zinc plating is a commonly used economical and effective anticorrosion method. About half of the world's zinc output is used in this process. Galvanized coil is produced by continuous hot dip galvanizing process with hot rolled strip or cold rolled strip as substrate. Galvanized sheets supplied by rectangular cross sections are cross cut and rolled.
galvanized steel coil in factory

Why choose galvanized coiled plate to build steel silos?

Galvanized coil is one of the most common, effective, and economical steel products. It has ideal corrosion resistance, forming, painting and other comprehensive properties, as well as low cost, good appearance and other advantages, often used in silo building industry.

Good protection performance and simple process.

The electrochemical potential of zinc coating is more negative than that of iron and steel, and the coating has excellent electrochemical protection performance. The coating is thick and dense, the adhesion between the coating and the steel substrate is strong, the durability is good, and the amount of zinc plating is 600g/m2. The service life of galvanized steel can be more than 30 years. The galvanized steel sheet has no need to be repaired during the use process, the hot plating process is simple and the productivity is high. The cost of galvanized coatings is much lower than that of paint coatings, and they are highly competitive, especially suitable for long-term use.

Good overall performance and long service life.

The construction process of the steel silo is completed by special equipment. During the rolling process of the steel silo, the outer wall of the steel silo is bitten into a spiral convex strip of 30mm-40mm width, which greatly enhances the loading capacity of the silo and makes the overall strength, stability and seismic resistance of the steel silo superior to other types of silos. If the best plate ratio is chosen, its normal service life can reach 30 years. This is far more than the life of other warehouses.

What models of galvanized coiled plate do we use?

The thickness of galvanized steel silos’ wall are calculated on the basis of ring pull. The maximum thickness of the silo can reach 4 mm, while the thinnest one is only 2.0mm. The thickness of the galvanized steel plate in different parts of the silo is different. Generally the thickness of bottom steel plate is 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 4.5mm, 5.5, and 6mm. The steel plate in the upper part is thinner. The thickness of the uppermost coil is only about 2.5mm.

How to choose galvanized steel plate properly?

According to the requirements of specific gravity of storage materials, corrosion resistance and grinding strength, galvanized coiled plates with different thickness should be selected for the steel silo. Generally speaking, thin steel plates should be used for storing lightweight materials, weakly corrosive materials, and weak grinding strength materials; thicker steel plates should be used for storing heavy materials, strongly corrosive materials, and strong grinding strength materials. These values must be calculated strictly and accurately. After comprehensive calculation, we can know the best plate ratio, and construct long service life steel silos.
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