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Steel Silo Bucking Analysis

The construction design of each steel silos, must be designed and calculated accurately, to do the best of every detail, laying the foundation for the later construction of the steel silo.

  • Fully calculate the capacity of the steel silo when load, in order to design the bearing capacity of the foundation.
  • It is important to carry out rigorous exploration of the construction site of the silo, in order to get a reliable and practical foundation bearing capacity and foundation soil density.
  • Set up subsidence observation area, should do the previous two works at the same time, strictly calculate the load of steel silo and foundation bearing capacity difference.
  • The range of silo foundation sink should exactly the same as the settlement area height under the silo. Otherwise the steel silo can’t uniform sinking.
  • The difference between the heavy load of the steel silo and the foundation bearing capacity is calculated. According to the allowable value of foundation compressive modulus, by increasing the soil density of foundation soil, complete the required capacity of steel foundation. 

Design of Spiral Silo for Buckling Analysis

Because the spiral silo is subject to axial friction load and radial horizontal load cylindrical shell, the instability is characterized by sudden uplift in the local area of the silo wall. That is, a ripple may appear on the silo wall. It’s similar to the sine curve. And a different number of ripples may be generated in the circumferential direction of the bin wall, then, with the further development, will cause the silo body tilt or even collapse. So the instability form is longitudinal instability.

design of silo subjected to bucking analysis

Spiral steel silo instability most likely to occur in the discharge process. In this process, the vertical pressure caused by the frictional force of storage material will cause the destruction of steel silo structure. And this is the most common form, the buckling of the cylindrical shell under axial compression.

In the critical load calculation, taking into all account of the adverse effects of various defects and the favorable factors of internal pressure, the critical stress formula of silo wall under the action of vertical pressure and horizontal process. From the buckling analysis results, due to structural particularity, its buckling form presents a deformation curve which is sinusoidal in height direction, while there are different ripples around the wall. The root cause of this situation is the dynamic flow of storage materials. Although the buckling analysis is rarely used in the engineering design to control the design elements of the steel silo. However, in order to prevent buckling instability, it is still necessary to recommend the reinforcement of the flexural rigidity of the column in the radial direction or the thickness of the silo wall. Detail of the design, can effectively protect the latter part of the service life.

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