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The Problems Needing Attention in Construction of Steel Silo

As a mature storage type, steel silo is much popular in the world after experiencing the development for more than 30 years. It is widely used in each link of the storage and transportation. It has become the symbol of industry modernization in bulk storage. This originates from its big superiority.

First, excellent applicability

Steel silo has realized the mechanization and automation in the industry of storage, which has very remarkable performance. For example, loading and unloading, monitoring and processing, ventilation, temperature measurement, etc. We can say that steel silo is very convenient for us.

Second, superior economy

Of all the storage forms, steel silo is the lowest in construction costs. In addition to silo itself, it has the advantages of low costs in foundation construction. All the construction costs are just equal to 1/2 those of a reinforced concrete silo. Compared with the brick storage warehouse, it can save 20% of the investment. With the further reduction of steel price, the construction cost will gradually decrease.

Third, superior construction

construction of steel silo

Steel silo is high efficient in construction. It has the advantages of simple foundation, short construction period and negative factors of the weather. After knowing the superior performances of steel silo, we should pay attention to the following problems in construction:

1. In the aspect of the material selection of steel silo, we usually choose common types of steels in China. Q235 steel is the better choice. We can get it conveniently from many steel& iron companies. Its cost is respectively lower. If the thickness of silo wall exceeds the production capacity of the equipment as calculated. We can use low alloy steel instead of Q235 steel. The wall of steel silo usually adopts the galvanized process to meet the requirements for corrosion protection. Therefore, the galvanized layer is a very important index for steel silo in construction, which directly affects the service life of steel silo. In China, the standards we confirm to are consistent with the world. The galvanized layer is 400g/m2 thick.

2. The thin-walled types of steel silos are the popular choices in the world now, which includes spiral steel silo and assembly steel silo. They have different characteristics due to the different structural forms.

A. Spiral steel silo
It is manufactured by continuous undercut forming of hot dip galvanized steel coils. Its color is uniform. Its air tightness is high, so it can store water, oil and other liquid materials. Because its inner wall is smooth, the requirement for its thickness is larger than the assembly steel silo.

B. Assembly steel silo
The characteristics of ass/brembly steel silo:

  • a. In the aspect of material selection, we can use the hot galvanized coil or plate as well as the electrical-galvanized plate. We can get them more conveniently.
  • b. All the parts of the silo are standard components, which can be replaced. In use, as the damage or rust occurs, we can be convenient to do the replacement of damaged parts and then prolong its service life.
  • c. We can make the silo move to another place, which is especially suitable for rental site for the users.
  • d. We can adopt the outer column form of steel silo, which is advantageous to the food stored in the flow.
  • e. The air tightness is poor, but we can use the silicone sealant to achieve the tightness requirements.
  • f. It can facilitate the realization of double insulation structure. But this will not bring us with much increase of the costs. 


3. The foundation forms of the steel silos include foundation the flat bottom type and the conical bottom type:

The flat bottom type steel silo is suitable for great diameter silo equipped with cleaning machine or manual clearance. It is relatively easy in construction and has low costs.

Considering the convenience of the gravity unloading, the conical bottom type steel silo has become another popular choice. The conical bottom types can be divided into full-steel conical type, semi-steel conical type and cement conical type. Seen from the practical use, we can say that three types do not have much difference, but there is the backfilling method that backfills out a conical bucket. Although this method can reduce the construction difficulty, we think that it will waste steel silo materials, lower the storage capacity and increase the civil engineering workload.

Therefore, for the choice of construction project of steel silo, we should take into account the above aspects in order to make the maximization of performance, benefits and the investment effect.

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